For Over 10 Years, Kodrey Overseas Global Has Been a Companion to the Investor, For Investment and Take Care of Interests by Making People Feel Good in Their Investment.

40 %
Foreigners of Saudi population
13.3 N
Foreign Residents
7.4 B
Foreign Investment Flows
10 %
Percentage Foreign Investment


Commitment To Providing High-Quality Services to Investors and Taking Care of Their Interests. 


We Fosters a Culture of Respect and Global Values Establishing Strong Relationships with All Stakeholders.


Kodrey Overseas Global stands as a powerful force in the Saudi business landscape, offering Business Development Services With a focus on bridging global expertise and local nuances, the company advocates for clients' success while promoting sustainability and cultural excellence.
Compliance Assurance.
Bridge Between Local and Global.
Entrepreneurial Empowerment.
Market Entry Prowess.
Sustainability Commitment.
Growth Solutions.
Zakat Is an Essential Aspect
Kodrey Overseas Global Supports  Zakat Is an Essential Aspect of Islamic Finance, and It Plays a Crucial Role in Promoting Social Justice and Reducing Poverty in Saudi Arabia.
Kodrey Overseas Global Seeks and Supports What Is Important to Peoples Lives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Efforts in Promoting Charitable Works with Their Purpose of  We Empower​.
*Ehsan Platform Is a National Platform for Charitable Work in Saudi Arabia That Is Supervised by Eleven Official Bodies, Which Adds to the Credibility and Transparency of the Platform.
Ehsan Platform