Kodrey Overseas Global Takes Immense Pride In Its Position As A Premier Company For Business Development Services In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Kodrey Overseas Global takes immense pride as a premier business development services company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our modern and dynamic appearance reflects a forward-thinking approach. 
The core of our brand's visual identity incorporates six squares in the shape of the Arabic letter "ك", inspired by the name "Kodrey," signifying our culture of care, continuous growth, transparency, courage, simplicity, and confidence. 
This design draws inspiration from the expansive Arabian desert skies, symbolizing ambition, care, continuous growth, courage, simplicity, and trust. 
Our visual identity serves as a symbol of our company's values and mission ingrained in every aspect of our operations.
logo Kodrey Overseas Global
نمكن | We Empower 



We Empower 


We firmly believe that every business has the potential to achieve excellence in their industry.  Enabling SMEs by providing them with resources and support is how we empower success.