Kodrey Overseas Global specializes in optimizing business operations by providing comprehensive secretarial services. Our range of offerings includes efficient back-office support and meticulous document preparation in compliance with local laws. 

We aim to empower our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities. Our commitment is to facilitate streamlined and effective business management.


Kodrey Overseas Global recognizes the inherent administrative intricacies within business operations. Our mission is to alleviate these challenges by providing comprehensive secretarial services.
Dedicated to assisting our clients, we establish a legal and compliant framework for their business ventures. Through our secretarial services, clients can seamlessly navigate the complexities of business while focusing on their core activities. Our offerings include:
Back Office Service: Tailored back-office services for clients in need of support with administrative tasks.
Efficient handling of various administrative functions to streamline operations.
Document Preparation Services: Comprehensive document preparation services designed to adhere to all necessary laws in the host country.
Ensuring accuracy and completeness, facilitating a smooth process for our clients.
NAICS 561410 | ISIC4 821100