Kodrey Overseas Global, Our Reputation Is Upheld by How We Put into Practice Our Core Values of Ambition Empowement , Continuous Growth, Courage, Simplicity, Trust. These Values Underpin Our 


Kodrey Overseas Global General Business Principles and the  Kodrey Overseas Global Code of Conduct
Our Helpline allows employees and stakeholders to raise concerns and report instances of potential non-compliance with our values and principles.
The Kodrey Overseas Global Helpline is not for customer complaints or enquiries.
Please contact your Kodrey Overseas Global office for Care Team related issues.
Find out how to react to suspected fraudulent job offers, prize awards and business propositions.
Please find the responsible disclosure policy for cyber security 


The Kodrey Overseas Global Helpline enables Kodrey Overseas Global employees and others to raise concerns or dilemmas, or to seek advice on a matter related to compliance with the law and our business principles (SGBP) and Code of Conduct, in full confidence and without fear of retaliation.
The Helpline is for all employees and contract staff in Kodrey Overseas Global and for third parties with whom Kodrey Overseas Global has a business relationship (such as customers, suppliers, agents) if they observe wrongdoing by a Kodrey Overseas Global company or employee.
This facility is not for customer service complaints or enquiries.
The Global Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls and reports over the Helpline are received on behalf of Kodrey Overseas Global by an independent third party specialist Helpline provider. There are two ways to submit a report:
​Visit the

You can fill in a form to submit your query or concern. The website is available in 3 languages, including English, and is available to third parties as well as Kodrey Overseas Global employees.  

Visit Here

You can call the helpline without a charge, from any country in which Kodrey Overseas Global operates. If requested an interpreter can be brought into the call to assist the English-speaking interviewer. If a prompt for the required language is not heard, say the name of the required language when you connect to the interviewer.

You can communicate anonymously, by identifying yourself and asking to communicate with just one person without your name being recorded or you can provide your name and contact details. Provide as much information as possible about your concern but keep it relevant, especially if you are making an allegation about another person.

At the end of the telephone interview or submission of a web report, you will be given a report number and PIN code so you may call back or access the website to check if there is a response from the company, or to provide additional information. Both reporting a concern on the web or by phone will result in a report that is passed to Kodrey Overseas Global.

What happens to a report when received by Kodrey Overseas Global?

Your report is passed to Coordinator who will assess the report and allocate to a Case Manager to decide the appropriate action.

If the report is a query, or perhaps a dilemma for which advice is sought, it will be passed to someone qualified to provide that advice, such as an appointed expert in the subject or a member of our legal team.

If the report is in the nature of an allegation that requires careful investigation, an investigator or investigation team will be assigned. This will usually involve a suitably-trained investigator from the country to which the report refers, who has local expertise.

If the reported incident requires expertise not available within Kodrey Overseas Global, an outside expert may be involved under similar strict confidentiality. Details of the case, and especially the identity of the person who made the report and any persons mentioned in the report, are kept confidential and only shared on a strict need-to-know basis. The investigation itself will focus on an objective, factual analysis of the case. In the event that an allegation has been found to be true, the local operating company will decide on the action or actions to be taken.