Kodrey Overseas Global We Are Committed to Providing Our Customers with the Best Possible Experience. Offer Different 
This Guide Is Designed to Explain Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Including Our Refund Policy, What It Covers, and When It Applies.


Kodrey Overseas Global

Kodrey Overseas Global, We Are Dedicated to Providing Our Customers with An Unparalleled Experience. Acknowledging That Unforeseen Circumstances May Arise, We Are Committed to Ensuring Our Customers' Satisfaction with Our Services. This Guide Elucidates Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Encompassing Our Refund Policy, Specifying What It Covers, And Delineating the Circumstances Under Which It Applies.

Refund Policy (30 Refund Days)
Our Refund Policy Empowers Customers to Request a Refund Within 30 Days of Their Purchase. To Initiate a Refund, Customers Can Reach Out to Our Customer Care Team Via Phone or Email. We Strive to Process Refunds Promptly, Typically Within 3-5 Business Days.

What It Doesn't Cover
It's Important to Note That Our Refund Policy Does Not Extend to Cover Third-Party Processing Fees or Attorney Fees Directly Paid to Lawyers. Furthermore, Customers Found in Violation of Our Terms of Service Will Not Be Eligible for a Refund.

When It Applies
Our Refund Policy Applies Specifically to Issues Directly Caused by Kodrey Overseas Global Products or Services. For Customers Utilizing Our Registered Services, We Extend a Prorated Refund for the Remaining Months of Service If Cancellation Occurs Within the First Year. 
Refund Days.


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